Darci Pappano is the Director of the Cruise Ship and Super Yacht graduate certificate program. This is a 1 year focused program that consists of one semester of Cruise Ship Interiors  + one semester of Yacht Interiors. The program features a study abroad in Italy and partners with the University of Genoa Naval Design Program. Darci has over 20 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level design studios, graphics, digital media, computer applications, color theory, and materials courses.

She earned a Master of Arts in Interior Architecture, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing from the University of South Florida.

Darci received a grant from the FIU College of Engineering and Computing for her design research in wayfinding. She has won several awards for design and service. She is the principal of Darci Design, an interior design service located in Miami, Florida. She lives on a sailboat in Coconut Grove, Florida and is an avid sailor with her husband.