2017 Miami Project




Carnival Cruise lines is exploring opportunities in attracting special interest cruisers that are interested in health and wellness and a more private cruise experience. This concept is similar to the Havana, Cuba that we visited on the Carnival VISTA. The passengers would have access to certain areas of the ship that are closed to others. The program is specifically focused on health and wellness.


Today, there is a general trend toward wellness that focuses on healthy lifestyle in many aspects.

We will be developing a special area on board the ship exclusively for wellness passengers. The project will span three floors and include a special program.

They have asked us to experiment with the types of spaces and programs they may offer. Our job is to take a venue aboard the ship and turn it into facilities that will service the passengers and staff who have come aboard to participate in the wellness package.


  • Understand wellness industry, its principles and guidelines
  • Produce a viable program regarding how wellness may work onboard the ship
  • Identify and define relevant aspects of design problem (goals, objectives, performance criteria)
  • Develop a creative and inspirational design that addresses the program



  • Teams
    • 6 teams of 4 people: [2 UniGe + 2 FIU]
  • Develop a scenario for the WELLNESS area of the ship.
    • Develop a program of the types of spaces that will be needed to support accomodations, wellness, fitness, spa program, and GALLEY with restaurant and cooking school for education of participants.
    • Present CONCEPT proposal


  • Research Sources due @ 10 [images, concept, inspiration, mood board, etc.]
  • Individual programs
  • Space Plan proposal for each area by end of day


  • Refined plans + ceiling plans for review 
  • materials palette and specifications
  • presentation layout


  • Presentations
  • Celebration Dinner